Welcome to Millood Estates!!!  

Welcome new neighbors!  In the event you did not receive a copy of our deed restrictions and covenants, please contact Mary Lynn Gothard of the homeowners’ committee at 239-8464.

Your annual dues of $175 to the Homeowners’ Association (you will be billed in January of each year) are used for the upkeep of our common areas (the detention areas, the grounds at both of our entrances, the retention ponds and fountain at the main entrance).

The Englewood Government Center handles the billing for our water, sewer, and trash pick-up. Our regular trash pick-up day is every Wednesday.  Large items can also be put out on Wednesdays (no stone, concrete, bricks, or tires) for pick-up.  The Government Center phone number is 836-5106 if you need it.  Also, Englewood has a great website (www.englewood.oh.us) that provides valuable information concerning services, taxes, permits and zoning.

Please be advised that if you plan to build on your property (e.g., a shed, swimming pool, tennis court, fence, wall, deck, etc.), you need to bring your plans along with your City of Englewood permit to the trustees of the association for final approval prior to the start of your construction.  Failure to comply will result in a breach of covenants and restrictions and could be subject to removal at the owners’ expense.  (See 8.01 and 7.01 in covenants.)  It should also be noted that the city requires a presale home inspection before property is sold in Englewood.  A certificate of inspection is obtained after the city determines that fences, sheds, decks, swimming pools and the like are covered by appropriate permits and no serious or obvious maintenance issues exist.

We urge you to attend whenever we call a business meeting so you will be informed and involved in issues affecting Millwood.  Meetings are generally held in the chambers at the Englewood Government Center.  Meeting notices and information are either hand-carried or mailed to you.

Finally, make sure to sign up with NextDoor to stay informed about the community!

Again, we welcome you to the neighborhood and look forward to becoming acquainted!  Please do not hesitate to call us!  If you have e-mail and would like, you can e-mail your address to Mary Lynn Gothard (association President) at WGothard@woh.rr.com and you will be added to the distribution for Millwood e-mailed information.



Sheri Coleman 115 Deeter Drive  760-3771 Secretary
Kent Crabtree 303 Shady Tree Ct. 604-4170 Treasurer
Mary Lynn Gothard 311 Shady Tree Ct. 239-8464 President
Viv Bibler 313 Shady Tree Ct. 581-2436 Trustee
Mark Sedor 117 Deeter Dr. 266-5289 Trustee
Tina DeLaet 303 Pauly Dr. 238-4900 Trustee

5 /2019